Freshmen – Course taught at American Universities

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Freshmen - American college chemistry for you. Are you
curious about the teaching style at American universi-
ties? Then this course is made for you! We offer you the
unique opportunity to experience the freshmen course
„Chemistry“ based on the renowned textbook „Chemis-
try“ by Zumdahl. In this course we explore the exciting
fundamentals of chemistry and deepen our understan-
ding of the fascinating world of molecules and reactions.
Course content:
· Introduction to basic chemistry: atoms, molecules
and ions
· Stoichiometry and balancing of oxidation-reduction
· Gases and the Ideal Gas Law: Understanding Gas
Behavior and Pressure
· Thermochemistry: Exploring energy changes in che-
mical reactions
· Atomic Structure and Orbitals: Insights into Quan-
tum Mechanics
· Covalent Bonding: Understanding chemical bonding
and molecular structure
Ready for the American college vibe? Be there and expe-
rience education at an international level! We offer you
an authentic learning experience that will take you on an
educational journey into the world of chemistry


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